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Friends of DYC


Friends of the Detroit Youth Choir is your opportunity to change lives.

Did you know that many of the DYC performers who have gone on to win a Golden Buzzer or perform at Carnegie Hall never performed before joining DYC? Many started out shy and uncertain, but with a dream in their heart. What they have learned is that when you join DYC and work hard, magic happens.

And dreams come true.

If you’ve ever been moved or inspired by the performances you have seen from these incredible young performers, we hope you’ll encourage their dreams by becoming a Founding member of the Friend of the Detroit Youth Choir!

Join our Founding Members:

  • Leslie Andrews

  • Deidra Lambert Bounds

  • Jocelyn Coley

  • Kelly Major Green

  • Carla Walker-Miller

  • Brian Mullally

  • Trae Allman

  • Angelique Power

  • Rochelle Riley

  • Andra Rush

  • Reginald Turner

  • Nathaniel Wallace

  • Alan C. Young

Other Ways to Give


DYC is honored to have a growing number of high-impact partners supporting our endowment. These game-changing individuals and organizations are committed to making our voices louder for years to come.

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